Important Things to Remember

Parent/Athlete Info Sheet- Fill out the handout and return it to Coach N. as soon as possible.

Order your gear- Visit the online store at https://sunnyhillsaquatics.com and order your team gear from our online store. All gear will be delivered to Coach N and the Booster to distribute.

**The deadline to order Aquatics Team Gear is Monday, August 19th.

Aquatics Team Gear

– Game Day Collared Shirt (WP) / Aquatics Logo Tee (Swim)

– Team Logo Speedo (Boys) or Suit (Girls) for competition days

* Suits should be snug and tight.  During WP you don’t want the opposing team to be able to get a hold of your suit to hold you down and during Swim a tight suit will create less drag.

Recommended Gear

– Practice suits (can be purchased elsewhere/don’t need logo)

– Sandals (Non-slip), Sunscreen

– Caps (Girls WP and all athletes during Swim)

– Land workout gear (running shoes, sweats, t-shirts) 

– Towel

– Goggles

– Cover-Up (i.e. Parka)

– Gear bag

– Combination Lock (for a locker to store)

– Water Bottle

– Tech Suit (Past Swimmers with CIF qualifying times say these suits are great for competition! You can find discounted prices during off-season sales.) 

* Label all your Gear to avoid confusion and lost items.  Team suits will be purchased through the  link on our ‘Store’ tab.  Recommended vendors for other gear are SwimOutlet.com and kap7.com, but feel free to shop around and ask veteran parents for recommendations.