New to SH Aquatics

There is a contribution for Water Polo ($75) AND for Swim ($50). This contribution pays for swim meets, WP game fees and our coaching staff.

All Student athletes must complete an Athletic Clearance form in order to participate in any of our aquatic programs.

Everyone must follow Coach N on Twitter. No exceptions. The below video will help you set up a twitter account and follow Coach N if you do not already know how to do this.

Twitter allows Coach N to update EVERYONE with one message. Every time there is a change to schedule or update on team happenings it will be on Twitter. You can check out the most recent tweets on the sidebar under ‘What does Coach N have to say.’

Your Athlete will need some gear. You can go to the tab above for their sport or you can go directly to the tab above for our gear store.

Team Gear

– Game Day Collared Shirt (WP) / Aquatics Logo Tee (Swim)

– Team Logo Speedo (Boys) or Suit (Girls) for competition days

– Practice suits (these can be purchased elsewhere and don’t need SHHS logo)

– Sandals (Non-slip)

– Caps (Girls WP and all athletes during Swim)

– Sunscreen

* Suits should be snug and tight.  During WP you don’t want the opposing team to be able to get a hold of your suit and hold you down, and during Swim season a tight suit will create less drag.

Recommended Gear

– Land workout gear (running shoes, sweats, t-shirts)

– Towel

– Goggles

– Cover-Up (i.e. Parka)

– Gear bag

– Combination Lock (athletes will have access to a locker to store their gear)

– Water Bottle

– Tech Suit (Past Swimmers with CIF qualifying times say these suits are great for                        competition! You can find discounted prices during off-season sales.)


Make sure you label all your Gear to avoid confusion and lost items.  Team suits will be purchased through the  link on our ‘Store’ tab.  Recommended vendors for gear are and, but feel free to shop around and ask veteran parents for recommendations.

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