Q:  How much time will my child spend on this activity?

A:  The bulk of the time your child will spend in the program will be dedicated to practices.  Water Polo games usually last 45 min. but our athletes are required to show up 1hr. early on the pool deck and are asked to help set up the pool, warm up and run the clocks if we are hosting the event.  During Swim, Meets last about 2-3 hours and swimmers are also asked to show up 1hr prior to warm up and help set up if we are hosting.

Q:  What can we expect from practice?

A:  Our practices are held at our campus and our new SHHS pool.  Athletes can expect to practice anywhere from 6-14 hrs./week, depending on whether they’re a sport is in season.  They have dry-land and pool practice.  Dry-land consists of a weight room, cardio, and endurance training.  Pool practice varies depending on their sport.  Swimmers work on perfecting their strokes and shortening their race times.  Water Polo players will work on endurance, learning gameplays, and becoming a better water polo player.

Q:  What are the approximate costs for participating in Aquatics?

A:  We ask for a Season Donation of $200 for Boys/Girls Water Polo and $150 for Swim/Dive.  The swim gear varies in price (Boys Water Polo speedo’s $40; Girls Water Polo suits $80; Swim/Dive suits $40-$80.  We also encourage our athletes to purchase Team Gear to wear on game days, but this is not mandatory (WP Game Day Shirts $30, Swim/Dive Game Day T-shirts $15).

Q:  Are Parents expected to participate?

A:  While parent participation is not required, we do encourage our parents to become involved in our Booster Club.  Through the Booster Club, our parents raise funds that allow our Aquatics program to purchase equipment/gear, pay for Tournament costs, and subsidize the costs of running our programs year-round. We invite you to participate in making life-long memories for our boys and girls and help us make an impact on the athletic life of our children. 

Q:  How does my child join the Aquatics Program?

A:  Your child can express their desire to join the Aquatics program when they fill out their enrollment package.  During the summer the SH Aquatics program holds a summer training program where your child will learn the basics.  There are no tryouts,  but the Coaching staff will determine the appropriate level they will participate in.